Australian Gym Management Software

Streamline your daily administrative tasks and get back in the gym where you're most needed.

Automated payments, online class bookings, scheduled announcements, member email and sms communications and much more will help you claw back hours of your time each month.


Our focus is small to mid-size gym businesses

We offer personalised training, service and support to help gym owners get up and running as quickly as possible.

Our modular system allows you the flexibility to choose and pay for the features your gym needs.


Automated recurring membership payments

Take the hassle out of membership payments with our automated payment scheduling and notifications.

Our system allows members to manage their own payment methods and view payment history.

Gym Mate also automatically follows up expired cards and failed payments so gym administrators only need to step in when necessary.


Online reporting for you and your members

Monitor membership retention and get better insight into how your gym is performing with dashboard snapshots and reporting.

Your members can also log in to their own portal to book classes online, track goals and view their performance progress.

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