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The Gym Mate Story

As a husband and wife team from Melbourne we are a family run business, just like many of our clients.

Read on to learn a little more about us.

Where We Came From

Way back in 2014 Ben and Natasha Quinney launched the first issue of WOD Magazine - Australia's only CrossFit magazine at the time. Over the next 2 years they produced 10 issues of the magazine and got to meet, interact and really get to know a huge amount of gym owners and gym members from the Australian CrossFit community.

When they wound the magazine up Ben went back to work as a software engineer, but had an idea brewing in the back of his mind.

While talking with some of the gym owners he knew Ben noted that many of them complained about the gym management software that they were using. They spoke about the fact that it took forever for the American companies to get back to them when they had problems, about the fact that, being US based, the software would perform maintenance durig the middle of the day for Australia and that being billed in US dollars meant they were never sure how much the software was going to cost them from month to month.

Ben figured that was something he could help with, and thus Gym Mate was born.

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    October 2017

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Gym Mate Is Born

Having an idea is one thing, executing that idea is something else entirely.

Ben and Natasha spent countless early mornings, evenings and weekends building the base of the Gym Mate platform over the first 18 months. They were working with a friend who owned a Powerlifting and Strongman gym close to their home who was giving them feedback on the platorm and providing advice to better understand the requirements of running a gym, all while working a full time job and raising a young family.

Our goal has always been to produce a product that is easy to use and helps gym owners spend less time in the office, and more time in the gym helping their clients.

It has taken a LOT of work, but we are incredibly proud of the platform and the community that we have built. Gym Mate continues to grow and evolve and continues to get easier to use and be more helpful every day thanks to feedback from our wonderful clients and their members.

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